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Sporting Success

This year we have successfully achieved the Gold Schools Games Mark.


In order to achieve this we had to demonstrate:

  • An increase in the number of opportunities for pupils to participate in personal challenges, inter school competitions and intra school competitions
  • Targeted provisions for the least active groups within the school
  • 2 hours of PE each week
  • 50% of pupils participating in extracurricular activities each week
  • Every young person to have the opportunity to learn to lead
  • 15% of pupils leading, managing or officiating sporting activities (e.g Sports Captains/House Captains)
  • Active links with at least 5 links to local clubs and pathways to sport
  • Participation in at least 15 different sporting events over the academic year
  • Participation of a 'B' team in at least one event


In addition to these achievements, we have also provided enhancement days in karate and kurling, given year 1&2 the chance to learn handball, provided an additional archery club and entered the 3Ts cricket for the first time. We are now looking ahead to the next academic year and welcome any suggestions for enhancement days. 


Dance Festival. January 2020

Active Kids. January 2020

Dodgeball. Years 5/6. November 2019

Indoor Athletics. Years 5/6. November 2019

Boys Football Tournament. Years 5/6. November 2019

Girls Football Tournament. Years 5/6. October 2019

Indoor Rowing - Year 5. September 2019

β€˜Well done and thank you’ P.E Tea Party for those who worked extra hard this year. July 2019.

Orienteering. June 2019

3 tees Cricket. May 2019

Quad Kids. May 2019

Year 3-4 Cross Country. April 2019

Year 1-2 Football Tournament. March 2019

Active Kids Festival. February 2019

Year 3-4 Football Tournament. February 2019

Dance Festival. January 2019

Year 5-6 Dodgeball Tournament. January 2019

Year 5-6 Football Tournament. October 2018

Indoor Rowing. October 2018

Active Kids Festival. September 2018