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Our School Council is made up of 8 elected councillors from Years 1 to 6. Elections take place at the beginning of the autumn term, and we keep our position for 1 year. We have been elected by the pupils in the school to think about ways to improve our school and raise money for charity. At our first meeting, we discuss the roles and responsibilities and we vote for a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, vice secretary and treasurer. We all have very important roles and an equal say! We are consulted on when changes in school happen. We represent our school at community events such as our fetes and we run stalls to raise money. We organise special days and events so that we have fun and work for a specific charity.




In our school we have eco warriors which help the school to be more eco- friendly. At the beginning of the year we were all voted in to be part of the eco council.
We meet regularly to make school decisions and work with our caretaker to ensure our school is tidy and making energy savings where we can. We arrange fun days in school to raise money. We are hoping to create a nature area in school in the next academic year.




Worship Committee is a group of pupils who meet regularly to evaluate and give feedback on collective acts of worship. They are also responsible for the Peaceful Room to ensure that it is a place to go and be quiet, reflective and pray. The worship committee is made up of elected councillors from Years R to 6. Elections take place at the beginning of the autumn term, and they keep their position for 1 year.  Worship Committee meet with other schools and evaluate their worship too. They make recommendations to the teaching staff on ways to improve or change our practice.