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Request Leave of Absence

Holidays during term time cannot be authorised by the head teacher unless the circumstances are extenuating.  In order to prove extenuating circumstances, documents/paperwork must be submitted for consideration to the head teacher.


Should you choose to remove your child during term time, please print and complete the request form below and return to the school office for consideration.


The school should always be advised if your child will be absent from school as, if we are unaware of why they are not in school, we would contact the Education Welfare Officer to report a child 'missing in education'.


Please be advised that the school will seek a penalty notice to be issued which will go to both parents (each parent receives a fine for each child) who remove their child/children from school during term time. 


PLEASE NOTE; The Leave of Absence Request Form should be completed in advance if a pupil is going to miss their registration mark for any reason.


There are two online forms below.