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Brentwood Collaborative Partnership

Our school is a proud member of the BCP.

The Brentwood Collaborative Partnership is a group of, currently, 17 primary schools representing the wide range of settings in the Brentwood Primary sector. We exist to support school leaders and staff in providing the best possible outcomes for pupils across Brentwood.

Following the challenges of the last few years we are keen to ensure that we work together build a genuine culture of collaboration between our schools. We are all stronger when working together. Our remit is to inspire, collaborate and achieve through a variety of initiatives that your child’s school may take part in.
These include:
• Peer to Peer reviews – schools working together to review provision and to champion improvement
• Access to Kids Inspire who provide mental health and wellbeing support for our children and their families
• Working together on joint priorities identified through review and school development plans.
• Joint events and fundraising initiatives
• Conferences and events to share expertise and experience across our schools

You can also follow us on Twitter @BCPschoolsEssex