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Our Intent for Reading

For all children to have a love of reading and access to a variety of different authors and genres including non-fiction, multi-cultural and poetry texts. They will build upon a good knowledge of phonics taught through a systematic approach and will be able to apply these skills to decode words they read. Our children will be able to read confidently showing a good understanding of what they are reading by exploring new vocabulary and taking part in class discussions where they will be able to share their ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Our Intent for Writing

For children to become confident writers who have a love of writing! They will learn skills in phonics, spelling and communication and language and will be able to express themselves in written form. Our children will learn to write for different purposes, audiences and in their own unique style, taking pride in their presentation and handwriting. Children will develop their creativity and stamina in writing through free writing opportunities. These skills will be taught through a progressive and engaging topic based curriculum.

Reading and Phonics:

We follow the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme for phonics alongside Collins Big Cat phonic books to support the children with reading. Books they take home are matched to their phonic ability. We also provide the children with a banded reading book to share at home. Once the children become free readers, we have an extensive library of books that they can choose from. We create reading diaries for the children to record their daily reading and in KS2 there are guided reading questions to answer about the text.