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Mrs Drew And Mrs Johnson

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Welcome to home learning for Willow Class !


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You may not be in the school building, but you are still “at school” and should be completing work every day, unless you are ill.  Remember to date all your work, make a note at the bottom of each piece saying how long it took you and self assess like we do in class. 


Thank you to everyone who has already sent us their work! See the pictures below... 


Daily To Do!

  • Reading for at least 20 minutes every day and complete your reading journal.  
  • Practice your spellings:

Mrs Drew's group:

Test yourself on the -igh words. Let us know how many you got correct. 

Find 2 words each day in your reading book with oa words (e.g. boat) send us a list of what you found.

Go to Phonics Play website. See below for further instructions...

Mrs Deverson's Group:

How many -le words can you remember from last week? Try to write down at least 10. Ask an adult to check the spelling.

Now write a list of words that  end in -el, -il or -al to make a "ul" sound. Aim for at least 10.

Look for them in your reading book.

Can you use the words you have found to write a story?

Mrs Green's group:

Test yourself on last week's spellings. Ask an adult to check your spelling.

Go to 

Write definitions for each -ough word

How many -ough words can you write in 1 paragraph?


  • Times tables practice. Remember the targets you've been set for Easter!
  • Some physical activity . - Joe Wicks will be hosting live P.E lessons every weekday at 9am. we'd love to see some photos and videos of you joining in!
  • Be kind, tell us one kind thing that you've done each day for someone.
  • Complete the English and Maths activities on the activity sheet below (one for each day)...


  • Choose 1 more activity each day from the sheet below...

Extras! (you are not expected to do all of these, they are there to use if you deem fit)


  • Explore the epic website.  Instructions on how to access are below. Send us a book review of one that you've read through email or on Seesaw.
  • Can you write a letter or a postcard or write a picture to someone in a care home. At the moment they are not allowed visitors and some elderly people are feeling lonely and cut off from the outside world. They would love something through the post that they could read and share in the care or nursing homes. Ask an adult to help you address the envelope to (a place close to Mrs Johnson's heart):


Brentwood Care Centre

Larchwood Gardens

Pilgrims Hatch


CM15 9NG


  • Continue playing Prodigy.
  • 30 day Lego challenge (see picture below)
  • There is free access to Twinkl. Log in to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS
  • Our children are living through history right now so why not make a time capsule?!

Epic Books

Phonics play

Go to

Username: march20

Password: home

Click on- Interactive resources

Click on- Phase 3

Play- Make a match game oa, oo, ar (the one with the penguin)


Lego Challenge

Lego Challenge 1

At home learning

At home learning 1
At home learning 2
At home learning 3
At home learning 4
At home learning 5
At home learning 6
At home learning 7
At home learning 8
At home learning 9
At home learning 10
At home learning 11
At home learning 12
At home learning 13
At home learning 14
At home learning 15
At home learning 16
At home learning 17
At home learning 18
At home learning 19
At home learning 20
At home learning 21
At home learning 22
At home learning 23
At home learning 24
At home learning 25
At home learning 26
At home learning 27
At home learning 28
At home learning 29
At home learning 30

At home physical activity

Still image for this video

This week in Willow Class

This week in Willow Class 1
This week in Willow Class 2
This week in Willow Class 3

What Willow Class have been up to this week...

What Willow Class have been up to this week... 1
What Willow Class have been up to this week... 2
What Willow Class have been up to this week... 3


Key Information

PE sessions take place on Friday afternoons. Weekly spellings are tested on Mondays and times tables on Fridays.
Homework is an important aspect of school learning. We will set homework on Thursdays and expect the completed work returned on Tuesday. We ask parents to support their child in these homework tasks which is designed to reinforce and deepen children’s learning. Please try and listen to your children read on a daily basis which will really enhance the reading we will be doing in school. If you have any questions about homework, please do ask one of us, in person or by email.
Useful web sites you might like to look at with your children include DB Primary, RM Maths, and Oxford Owls.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at school or by email if you have any queries or concerns regarding your child.