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Welcome to home learning for Willow Class !


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Don't forget to keep track of the distance you are travelling in order to complete Mrs O Bank's challenge!


Daily To Do!


Practice your spellings:

Mrs Drew's group:

Spelling Rule-  The / l / sound spelt ll

Test yourself on the rule of /s/ spelt ss. Let us know how many you got correct. 

Go to use the free games to help you practice. 

Put 3 of the words into sentences.

Don't forget to use the phonics play website to help you practise the tricky words!

Mrs Deverson's Group:

Spelling Rule-  The /ʌ/ sound spelt ou (e.g. couple, touch)

Go to and use the activities to help you practise. 

Test yourself and then let us know what score you got. 

How many other words can you find in your reading book that obeys this rule?

Mrs Green's group:

Spelling Rule-  Your words this week are from the statutory list 6 that you just need to know.

Test yourself on last week's spellings. Ask an adult to check your spelling.

Go to use the activities to help you practice.

Remember to find the meaning if you are unsure of how to use the words.



For the next two weeks, Willow class' learning is all about the topic of Rainforests!


Choose a Reading,  Writing and Maths task each day from the activities below....



Writing and Spag


Activity 1

Create a rainforest canopy to curl up with a book under. This could be made from paper, bed sheets or anything else that’s suitable. Send us photos of you reading under it. 

Research how humans are destroying the rainforest. Write an information report about this. Can you include maps that demonstrate how large the rainforests were compared to now? Include an introduction, 3 or 4 ways that rainforests are being destroyed and a conclusion.

Compare temperatures and rainfall in the Amazon Rainforest and the UK month on month.

Can you display their findings in a bar chart, line graph  or table? Can you calculate and compare the yearly totals?

Activity 2

Create your own Book Bingo. See here for inspiration.Can you complete the game over the next week?

Look at images of the rainforest then write a setting description. Try starting at the top of the image and work down - but look carefully!

Choose a Maths activity from the bbc bitesize daily lessons here. There's one for each day!

Activity 3

Complete this activity about Rainforest Deforestation

Enter the pincode DL1580 

Write a ‘Defeating the Monster’ story. The monster could be a rainforest predator such as a crocodile or boa constrictor. How will you escape its clutches?

Play this rainforest coordinates game.

Activity 4

Read about rainforests. Look at these facts about rainforests to get started! Can you find a rainforest book on epic?

Create a rainforest quiz based on what you’ve found out.

Make a list of animals that can be found in the rainforest.

Can you group them? Try creating a sorting diagram.

Choose an animal and then write a  species fact file. Include its size, diet, lifespan etc. Go here for some inspiration!

Practise adding and subtracting fractions on this game.

Activity 5

Visit and register for free. You can listen to Katherine Rundell’s masterclass on her book The Explorer, based in the Amazon rainforest.

Create a tourist leaflet tempting us to visit the rainforests.

What could a tourist expect to see and do? How should they dress and what should they bring?  Include illustrations of unusual living things! 

Complete the daily activity.

Activity 6

Listen to a free audiobook during your daily walk here.   How did it made you feel listening to a book in nature?

Watch this clip called Catch It

Download the activity pack and complete the collective nouns activity.(page 4)

Complete Meerkat Maths on page 8 & 9 of the Catch it Booklet,

Activity 7

Choose a story from Oxford Owl here.

Complete the wordsearch from the above booklet (page 5) and then create a picture glossary for each of the words. Challenge: add 5 more rainforest themed words.

Practise your times tables with hit the button or mathsframe.

Activity 8

Read food labels and identify any foods in the kitchen that contain: bananas, cocoa, chocolate, cinnamon or black pepper. (all from rainforests)

Retell the story of Catch It from the point of view of the vulture. How did he feel about the meerkats working against him?

Choose a Corbett Maths challenge.

Activity 9

Find a recipe involving chocolate and make it.

You can learn about how to make chocolate here.

Complete page 10 from the booklet. Write your facts around the vulture and then colour the vulture to complete your poster. You could draw your own vulture onto a larger piece of paper if you need more room. Can you find a book on epic?

Choose a White Rose Maths activity.

Extras! (you are not expected to do all of these, they are there to use if you deem fit)

  • Explore the Forestry England website there are lots of lovely activities to try at home.
  • Explore the epic website.  Instructions on how to access are below. Send us a book review of one that you've read through email or on Seesaw.
  • Continue playing Prodigy.
  • 30 day Lego challenge (see picture below)
  • If you're struggling with structure and routine, Twinkl have a Home Learning Hub with a new set of activities each day for all age ranges that include yoga, crafts, nature activities and mindfulness. There is free access to Twinkl. Log in to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Epic Books

Phonics play

Go to

Username: march20

Password: home



Lego Challenge