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Week Three (20th April - 24th April 2020)

This is the 3rd proper week of home school, but the 5th week of being at home. I think it's gone quite quickly, but it is getting harder. 

This week I was in school on Tuesday. We had 2 children in, but more staff as Mrs Goddard handed over all her work to our new Inclusion Manager, Mrs Murray. It was nice to catch up with Mrs Beckett and Mrs Taggart on Tuesday too and organise some things to do with the expansion at school. This week I have also emailed all the new children who will join us in September, we have a full class of 30 for the first ever time!

I have kept in touch daily with staff, responded to emails from parents and spoken to quite a few people about their learning. 

I have also been working with Phoebe at home. Last night we slept in the tent in the garden (I gave in!) It was lovely to look at the stars and then sleep outside. It was cosy and warm as we had 6 blankets and duvets, but the floor was a bit hard to sleep on. Today her home school challenge was to make a junk model emergency vehicle. We had a huge box in the garage that we have transformed into a fire engine! She has loved role playing rescuing lots of animals from the trees! We have also been reading, practising tricky words and phonics and helping her to learn her numbers.  

I am really thankful that the weather is nice and sunny and that we can play in the garden and go for walks each day. 

Next week, I plan to learn Miss Neal's dance routine - find the link here: and am looking forward to seeing all your dance moves too. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Love from Mrs Obank