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Week One (23rd March-27th March 2020)

So, week one of home learning complete! Well done everyone. 

I have been in constant contact with all your teachers and they are SO proud of you all for working so well at home. I know it isn't easy, but you have all done a fabulous job. I have had some worked email to me and I have been looking on the class pages to see what you have all been up to. I am very impressed. 


I have been busy this week too. I was in school on Monday and Wednesday this week looking after a few children. We made obstacle courses outside and played lots of tennis on the playground. We painted rainbows to go in the school window and kept up with some reading, writing and maths too. I have also been working from home a lot too writing emails, speaking to parents, checking the website and talking to lots of other head teachers. 


At home, I have been working with Phoebe (my daughter) on her home learning. We have enjoyed being in the garden, have had a number hunt outside and drawn numbers on the patio to add together. We have painted rainbows at home, played with cards and written about the Gruffalo. She has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers and we completed her school challenge, to make a hanging mobile. Phoebe liked listening to Mrs Foster read a story (on Chestnut class page) and she decided to make a ladybird house in the garden! We also camped in the lounge last night (a compromise as she wanted to sleep in the garden). Definitely making some memories. 


I'll keep you updated weekly on this page. Send me some of your pictures by email or tag us on Twitter @MountnessingSch with photos of your fun at home.


My challenge for next week:

Can you take part in our regular school Easter competition but from home? If you are in Acorn or Chestnut class can you create an Easter hat or bonnet from things you have already at home? If you are in Willow or Oak class can you create a model using an egg? Get arty and send me some pictures of your creations. I will be having a go too and will post my effort on next week's diary entry. 


Enjoy the weekend and stay safe,

Love Mrs Obank