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Week Five (4th May - 8th May 2020)

I am glad that the sunshine came back for this week!

I have been in the garden nurturing some of the plants that Phoebe and I planted at the beginning of lockdown. We have beans, sunflowers, strawberries and sweetpeas all growing in pots around the garden. We have to keep the rabbit away from them (he likes to munch the leaves) and remember to water them each day. 


On Wednesday, I was in school and started to put up all the people bunting that had been delivered or emailed to school. I loved guessing all the pictures and seeing all of your drawings. They are all brilliant. The pictures look great on the fence outside and it looks like you are all holding hands outside the school. It's the next best thing to you all being at school! I hope it makes the village community smile as they walk past school. 


Phoebe and I have made some VE day bunting and have put in on our front door. We have been looking at some of the activities together and I have been telling her stories about my Grandad who served in WWII. We also called my nanny (who is nearly 93!) to ask her if she remembers VE day. She was nearly 18 in 1945, but said that she couldn't remember a big celebration in Chelmsford. She told me that lots of people didn't celebrate until their families all returned from the war. 

I hope you are all keeping in touch with your friends and family too. 


Miss you all, 

Love From Mrs Obank