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wb 14/9/20

Home learning Activities

Make sure you also complete this week’s homework.

If you cannot access any of the activities please email Mrs Deverson and let me know.





Watch this video on comparing & ordering numbers

Maths Video

Complete the conjunctions worksheet.

Look at the slides called “How did WW2 start?”

Use the information to complete question sheet.

Complete a worksheet to suit your level

Lime: Numbers to 10,000

Purple: Numbers to 1 million

Blue: Numbers to 10 million

Watch this video about the Blitz.


 Write a descriptive passage about what you see.

Research the reasons that the Blitz happened.

Complete at least 5 sheets from this week’s Corbett Maths 5 a day.

This could be 5 different bronze sheets or a mix of levels.

Email Mrs D if you are not sure which level you should be working at.

This activity is also part of your homework.

Create a glossary for 10 topic words relating to World War 2.

This should include a meaning and word class for each word you choose.

Complete the science activities about electricity.

Write a Christian prayer on the theme of friendship