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w/b 12th October

Owl Class Homework 

If you need any help or have any questions, please ask me BEFORE your homework is due.

You now have you Google Classroom login. You can submit any homework there. Remember, you MUST "turn in" your work. DO NOT SHARE!!!


(20 mins approx.)

Complete at least 3 sheets from this week’s  Corbett Maths 5 a day.

 This could be 3 different bronze sheets or a mix of levels.

Email Mrs D if you are not sure which level you should be working at.

Send me your work via Google Classroom. (I will show you how to do this this week.)

Times Tables

(10 mins every day)

Continue to practise your quick recall of table facts up to 12x12.

Hit the Button  & Maths Frame have some online games to help you.

You can print out your own tables sheets here.

Test on Fridays.


(20 minutes every day)

Read the next section of Goodnight Mr Tom.

Complete Wk 6 in your reading journal.

Read at least twice from your own reading book.

Your reading journal and Goodnight Mr Tom should be completed for Mrs Obank on Fridays.



(20 mins approx.)

Read at least 4 ReadTheory articles this week.

I will check your results on the website.


(10 mins every day)

Complete the activity and practise the rule on Spelling frame. You now have access to all of the games and activities.

Take the test.


I can now see which activities you have done and check your test results on the website.

Google Classroom


Please sign in to Google Classroom at home and complete the activities.

Photos are most easily taken on a phone or tablet.

You can access Google docs from your phone, tablet or PC.

I will give you your login details this week and show you how to use Google Classroom in class.

Turn in by Monday 19th October.