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Even though you are unable to be in school it is really important that you access the learning through this page. 


Daily Tasks Year 1: -Please complete these tasks daily with your child

1) Listen to them read. Discuss the HFW (high frequency words) they know and encourage them to sound out and blend any unfamiliar words. 

2) Phonics - listen to the Jolly Phonic Songs and encourage your child to sing along and join in with the actions. Follow this link   to take you to the Jolly Phonics songs for Phase 2 and 3. 

3) Write their full name. Please make sure that your child is able to write both they first name and surname using capital letters in the correct place. 

4) Read and order the days of the week. Cut up the days of the week worksheet and ask your child to read and order the days of the week. Use this song to help them. 

5) Practise writing number 1-20 ensuring they form all numbers correctly. Use the number formation sheet as a support if needed. 

6) Play a game of 1 more and 1 less. Roll a dice can they quickly tell you 1 more than that number and 1 less than that number.


Daily Tasks Year 2: 

1) Listen to them read. Discuss the text with them. Can they predict what might happen next? Can they tell you about the main character and how they are feeling? 

2) Complete a reading comprehension task. Choose one paper from the reading comprehension sub-page. 

3) Handwriting - use the guided paper to practise their handwriting. 

4) Practise their number bonds to 10 and 20. Use this page to gain access to worksheets and online number bond games 

5) Start to learn and practise your 2,5,10 and 4 times tables. Test your self using to generate your own times tables test. 



If you have any concerns or need any support please email me on 




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