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COVID Catch Up Premium

Covid Catch-up Premium Plan 2020/21


Number of pupils = 119

Total Catch-up Premium = £9520


Coronavirus Covid-19 has resulted in unprecedented disruption to pupils’ learning both in the last academic year and also this year, firstly, with a nationwide full lockdown and then with isolation due to positive cases.  This has had an impact on all pupils in our school, with those children who are from vulnerable or the most disadvantaged backgrounds being hit hardest.  The effect of lost time in school and inconsistent school attendance on learning and development will be considerable.


The catch-up premium has been designed to mitigate the effects of the unique disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and is only available for this academic year.  The funds must be spent in the best way for the school's pupils to make the best progress possible to 'catch-up' with lost learning.


At Mountnessing we have used the Education Endowment Fund Guide to Support School Planning: A Tiered Approach to 2020-21.  This guide aims to support school leaders with their planning for the unpredictable academic year to come. It proposes a tiered model that focuses upon (1) high-quality teaching, (2) targeted academic support, and (3) wider strategies. It has been developed in partnership with expert school leaders from across the country.





Date started


1. Quality First Teaching

Increased teacher’s hours to ensure outstanding teaching for all pupils.


Bought additional resources to use in class such as ‘Dyslexia Gold’










Sep – Dec 2020






March 2021


2. Targeted academic support

Employed additional LSA to support pupils in class and release HLTA to support targeted groups and  lead interventions


March 2021


3. Other activities

Bought in resources to support learning and emotional regulation


Support at lunch time for well being














March 2021