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Year R Teacher:

Mrs Cannon

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Mrs Gibson


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Welcome to Acorn Class! 


In Early Years we learn through play and first hand practical experiences and we thread all our learning objectives through child centred, fun, topic based activities.

Your children will be encouraged to become confident, independent learners who are excited by challenges and problem solving.

We hope to instill an excitement and love of learning whilst supporting your child to grow and flourish in all areas of the EYFS curriculum. 

Home Learning daily tasks:

You may not be able to be at school but there is lots you can do from home. Any pictures you take can be uploaded and sent to me via your child's tapestry account.

Daily activities:

  • 20 minutes reading every day. Read a book to an adult. Use your robot arms to sound and blend the words. Hunt for your tricky words within your reading books and other books you have at home. How many can you find? Write these words on a piece of paper and send me a picture.
  • Practice your phonics - Search on google for Jolly Phonics Songs. Sing the songs and do the actions, you can video this and send it to me! or or 
  • Practice segmenting short words: hen = h-e-n  then write these words. mop, bed, cat, mum, dad, cup, hop, red, dot, top, sit, dig, wig etc
  • Practice reading your tricky words. Can you write a sentence using any of these words?
  • Handwriting practise - use your wipe clean boards to practise your letter formation then have a go on a piece of paper independently. 
  • Daily counting to 20. Sing number songs. Google number songs for kids.
  • Practise number formation. Over write, then have a go yourself.
  • Keep a daily diary. Draw a picture and write a sentence about the best thing you have done today. 

Useful Websites  (username: march20   Password: home)

Physical Activity

Do a P.E work out everyday with Jo Wicks to keep you feeling energised and happy.


Dough Disco

Grab some play dough and join in with the dough disco. This will help you improve your fine motor control and strength in your fingers to help your writing.


In Early Years we teach phonics using Letters and Sounds. We use Jolly Phonics as a tool to aid this as it is a fun and interactive. We learn actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children. The songs are catchy and the children are taught the corresponding actions. This links visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles. Jolly Phonics is available on You Tube and therefore can be accessed at home by parents to support the learning the children do within class.

Letter sounds we have introduced so far:


Tricky Words 

Words introduced so far:

This half term our topic is......

Once upon a time


Creative Development:

We are transforming our role play area into the giants' castle from the story Jack and the Beanstalk and the children are using different tools and techniques to achieve a planned effect. 

Communication, Language and Literacy:

In our new role play area we will learn to take on roles, dress up and play imaginatively alongside our peers.

We will be learning to retell a simple narrative using story language, listen to others, take turns in conversation  and take into consideration their ideas and opinions. We will learn to share and take turns. 


We have many new story books in our class book corner and will be reading many different traditional tales such as; Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

We have also been busy working together to create a bright and engaging reading display based on all the amazing author Julia Donaldson and many of her stories. We will continue to learn about the job of an author and illustrator and develop our speaking, listening and communication skills by talking about our favourite parts of the story and predicting what will happen next as we read.

Our school will also be celebrating World Book Day with an amazingly exciting 'Book Week'. We will take part in a drama workshop, dress up and take to the catwalk, put on a 'bring and buy a book bonanza' and decorate a potato as our favourite story character!

We will also take part in a sponsored read, to raise money to buy new books for our library.

Understanding the world:

The children will have the opportunity to plant their own bean plant and watch it as it grows and changes. We will learn about what a plant needs to help it grow and how it changes. 

The children will take part in a Forest School session every Friday, exploring the world around them and discovering new things about animals and plants. 

This term will see us learning about Christian celebration of Easter and Lent, we will cook pancakes and learn about how people celebrate around the world.


We are working hard to recognise numbers to 0-10 and 10 to 20 and be able to accurately count objects using 1-1 correspondence. This half term we will be learning how to combine two numbers to find a total and how to take away amounts from a larger number to see what we are left with. We will learn how to count different arrays and record out working out using jottings.


These sessions we will help us learn how to log onto the laptops independently and complete simple programs. We will make maps for our Bee-Bots to travel around on and program them to move to given places!


We are working hard to learn new phonic sounds each week and how to write these using our cursive handwriting style. We continue to use our robot arms to blend sounds to read and segment sounds to write!

There will be many daily writing opportunities based on the traditional tales that we are reading. 


Our bikes and scooters will be available daily for the children to use and the climbing blocks are proving very popular by the children. They can now climb, balance and jump off safely and are using the new equipment with imagination.


What a busy, fun packed half term of learning we have ahead.